Coi, now a 25-year-old (as of May 11) rapper/ singer describes herself as a trendsetter! Always wanting  to be number one, on top, to outshine everyone, to be different. She wants to continue to showcase what she is capable of in her own way and owning that. 

Leray became a viral sensation thanks to hits like “Twinnem,” “Anxiety” and the recent “Blick Blick” with Nicki Minaj — the latter of which had everyone — including J. Lo — vibing out online. 

She released music in 2018, though she scored her first major hit in 2021 with the Platinum “No More Parties” and she kept the momentum going with the Gold “Big Purr (Prrdd).”

“Everybody on [my] album is that and they’ve shown that. With the versatility in the music, you get to see so many different emotions that put you in so many different places to where you understand me as a trendsetter and what I go through and how I’m really able to master and create what I have here.” She said in an interview.

She has been making her way up the ranks since she was a teenager. Recently she has been featured in the cover of the PAPER Magazine’s. . She is breaking the Internet right now with an epic spread for the PAPER Magazine’s. 

Not only is she serving her standard #bodygoals slay, she’s serving face for days, and showing how flawless she can be in motion or a still shot. When she spoke with PAPER, Leray even planned to celebrate in the studio, recording new music.

The hustle doesn’t stop with Coi Leray!

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