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Thursday 8th December 2022: East Africa Breweries PLC (EABL) has launched a new offering dubbed ‘’Soiree”, an online-party planning platform aimed at creating one-of-a-kind experiences for consumers to celebrate key occasions.

The service sits on EABL’s drinks-delivery platform ke.thebar.com and will offer tailored plug-and-play event services. The new offering has various tiered customized services to connect ready consumers and party planners for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, office mixers & more.

EABL launches "Soiree"online party service ahead of festive season | Biz  Post Daily

EABL Commercial Director, Joel Kamau, EABL Head of Media Features, Waithera Kabiru, and EABL Head of Emerging Channels, Kerago Ngugi after launching The Bar Soiree Launch event at Village creative

Speaking during the launch at Village Creative, Head of Media Features EABL, Waithera Kabiru said, “ Ever since Ke.thebar.com started a partnership with our distributors and retail customers in response to changing consumer behaviour, we have noted that more consumers are hosting events, especially during the festive season requiring customized and personalized solutions. This new offering will take the hassle out of hosting.”

Consumers hosting events can go to the website where they will be able to select from pre-set packages or engage the customer care team for even tailored solutions. The event planners, DJs, saxophonists and mixologists also get to enjoy a ready pool of clientele without the hassle of relying on referrals.

EABL Launches “SOIREE” Online Party Service ahead of the Festive Season

EABL’s Waithera Kabiru, with Eskimi Regional Sales Director, Adrian Ciesielski and Vita Gazifulina during The Bar Soiree Launch event at Village creative.

The packages start from 20,000ksh and go up to 500,000+ksh with the following value adds that vary dependent on spend. The value adds are in addition to a selection of premium drinks.

  • Schweppes Mixers, Keringet Water
  • Mixologist
  • Cocktail Condiments
  • Bar Set Up
  • DJ or saxophonist
  • Bottle Engraver

DJ Protégé (left) and Chuck the DJ entertain guests at The Bar Soiree Launch event at Village creative.

“It is more than just a functional benefit: the Bar Soiree packages provide access to premium drinks, mixers, bar set up, mixologists, entertainers and more whilst also connecting consumers to vetted event planners to deliver the rest of the experience at the click of a button,” she added.

“Part of our strategy as EABL this year is to connect with our consumers and party planners by offering a personalized experience that suits our customer’s needs,” said Anne Joy Michira, EABL Marketing & Innovations Director East Africa.

The launch of The Bar Soiree is in line with EABL’s goal of impacting the community by creating an ecosystem where jobs are available, and consumers enjoy convenience. 

Richard the Saxophonist entertains guests at The Bar Soiree Launch event at Village creative.

Consumers and event planners can access The Bar Soiree offering on ke.thebar.com

Ke.thebar.com is an E-commerce EABL platform that connects with its consumers as they shop for their drink of choice in a convenient way and delivered it to their doorstep


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