Has Kanye Moved on Quickly?

Written by on January 14, 2022

Last year, Kim Kardashian made it crystal clear that her relationship with Kanye West was over. The reality star has gone further to state that “no counseling or reconciliation effort” will repair her marriage. Kim Kardashian made this clear through a court statement after Kanye made an attempt to ask her back during the Free Larry Hoover concert.This marks exactly one year after the couple separated following a divorce filed by Kim.

The DONDA rapper now referred to as Ye,is currently rumored of getting back to the dating scene. Last December, he was spotted hanging out with Instagram model ,Yasmine Lopez in Houston  at J Mulan’s birthday party held at James Harden’s restaurant Thirteen. Currently he is seen being all lovey dovey with Julia Fox from the series Uncut Gems after meeting on New Year’s eve. She confirmed that they made an “instant connection”. He is now pulling all his charm on her.

His date spoke about their special date nights and how Kanye surprises her with gifts.Recently, we saw that he gifted a whole new wardrobe. Fashion seems to be one thing that Kanye breathes since he even has his own brand called Yeezy .During his marriage with Kim,he transformed her fashion style along the way.

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson officially became a couple, November last year.Photos of them holding hands to cement their relationship have been seen on social media. A source of Entertainment Tonight stated that the two have been spending almost all their time together: “Pete and Kim are 100% dating and are into each other,” they continued saying . “They are very inseparable and very affectionate when they’re together. They are supportive of each other’s projects and are really taking an interest in what the other is passionate about. Pete has been in a great mood since he and Kim got together and he is very calm, chill, and easy to get along with.”

On the other hand, Kanye seems to be confused. With him buying a house near Kim Kardashian and also continuously asking his marriage to be restored, we all wonder what he really wants.He is also recently seen to seal his relationship with Julia by having a photoshoot arranged for her. How long will their relationship last?

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