J Lo and Shakira Flaunt All The Latin Goodness At Superbowl LIV

Written by on February 3, 2020

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira brought all the Latinx goodness last night as the coheadliners of Superbowl LIV at the Hardrock Stadium in Miami,Florida- primarily a very Latin American city. The two mega music stars who boast of Latin American roots had intimated previously about their anticipation for this hugely renowned career-catapulting event,and they both unabashedly proved why they were the best pick for the 2020 Superbowl.

Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie,All These Years Later

Shakira kicked the show off belting out her biggest hits backed by a horde of dancers,all decked in red. Fellow Latin sensation Bad Bunny joined her on stage for a rendition of I Like It,that he features on. She cycled through her classics like She Wolf and Hips Don’t Lie,and broke into a jaw-dropping dance number that entailed her trademark belly-dancing skills. Her chemistry with the camera could not go unnoticed,and a particular moment culminated into a meme-worthy one just minutes later.

J Lo Perpetuates The Party

After her 6-minute long set,J Lo made her entrance with her characteristic spectacle-laden outfit with tens of backup dancers donning silvery regalia. She perpetuated the party with her classic oldies, starting off with Jenny From the Block closely followed by her other hits in close succession. Her groundbreaking performance entailed everything from stripper poles (a necessary ode to her Oscar-snubbed movie,Hustlers) to a cameo from her daughter Emme-a bona fide star in the making,if her vocal ability is anything to go by. Emme kicked off her mama’s hit Let’s Get Loud with a bunch of other kids,all of whom did a seamless job while at it.


J Lo Hails Puerto Rico

The Superbowl is not exactly a reserve for political statements historically. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance defied the odds by addressing utterly pertinent and controversial issues surrounding immigration. During Let’s Get Loud,J Lo donned a giant flag coat bearing the Puerto Rican flag colors on the front and the American flag colors on the back. Further,the kids in glowing cages were a highlight of the performance and a not-so-subtle dig at the prevailing immigration rules in the US.

Enter the Closing Out Shimmy

Both stars reunited on the stage for a colorful finale to close out the show,belting out Shakira’s popular World Cup record Waka Waka. This quickly morphed into the two breaking into synchronized shimmies and signing off!


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