Something BigIsComing!

TurnItUp Live with the NRGRadio Gang as they have launched a new radio station targeting the UGs Youths with the aim to Entertain, Inform, Engage,Inspire the young people in the country.

The Show went on live on Wednesday 18th 2022, hosted by Mwalimu Rachael,  Sheila, Zion Kente , Sandra and was spiced up by Dj Vans and Dj VX Faisal. Several well-known radio personalities will be heard, including sean preezy and a weekly shows e.g. Transit, Circle plus the weekend shows including the Vent. 

The shows Include: 

  • Transit   
  • Circle
  • Weekend shows
  • Vent
  • NRGRadioUG - Twitter Search / Twitter

Listeners can primarily expect a mix of music bangers from Uganda and crossboard, alongside catchy conversations. 

“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to put together for NRGRadioUG. With some legendary radio presenters on the airwaves, Sean Preezy will also be joining the NRGCircle team in Uganda.” Kev Mulei said .

TuneIn on the frequency 106.5(NRGRadioUG)!




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