Singers Brandy and Ray J were trending the other day as many are surprised to learn that they are related! On social media, Brandy called Ray J her ‘brother.’

It’s definite that most fans didn’t have the slightest clue about Brandy and Ray J’s relationship until Brandy shared a picture of Ray’s new tattoo. He had her name on his forearm; Brandy called him her brother.


Jack Harlow released his latest album ,Come Home The Kids Miss You.’ The “First Class” rapper was doing a live interview Wednesday on “Ebro in the Morning” on Hot97 radio in New York when the hosts got him to play a music guessing game.

While a Brandy song plays in his headphone, Jack struggles to name the voice singing the lyrics. The hosts playfully start feeding him clues, telling him the singer starred in her own TV show.

Jack asks for more and then the hosts think he will figure it out once they steer him in the direction of Ray J, so they hint at the singer’s brother having an amazing sex tape!

Jack explained that no one ever told him that fun fact and said he had no idea!

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