On 15th September 2021, The inaugural circus show “Mother Nature,” was held at Sarakasi Dome. Sarakasi Trust is an Arts based organization in Kenya. It was pertinent for them that topical issues about environmental conservation and climate change are amplified not only through the arts, but also through mainstream media.

The managing director Marion Sarakasi talked about the gains towards a better, safe and clean planet. In her speech she mentioned that everyone must be involved in the cause. And later on thanked the following partners CSL_Africa, UNEP_Africa, UNEP_Kiswahili, NEMA Kenya and UNFCCC for creating a platform for the advancement of the work well done. 

“To our partners @casik_kenya and French Embassy in Kenya and Somalia thank you for powering this production and Thank you to all our clients, friends, partners and audience members for journeying with us since we began.

“Thank you to our creative team led by @edu Ooro assisted by Jose contez and @choreographeroscarmwalo for the masterpiece that is “Mother Nature” and to all our performing artists for giving their all!” She added.

Some of the highlights of the Sarakasi at 22 gala night was that It was a success with some electric performances from the acrobats. The performance was performed by two acrobats using duo straps to lift them into air, allowing them to perform wonderful gravity defying tricks and skills

While most performances in aerial acrobatics often used the silk, hoop, rope, and trapeze apparatus. The style of music, performed by a live singer and pianist, blended beautifully with the motion of the acrobats.

In between dancing together, the acrobats took turns using the straps, each performing different skills high above the stage. The male acrobats showcased more skills of strength and endurance, and the female acrobat showcased more skills of flexibility and grace. 

While both have their own unique style on the straps, the highlight of the performance is when the two acrobats performed together, one on each strap. Together, they combined their strengths and talents to create a nice blend of skills consisting of twists and turns. 

Their transitions from one trick to another was seamless and the chemistry between both acrobats drawed you into the mother nature world which resulted in an unforgettable performance you’ll want to see again and again.



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