The Sauti Sol band member Devin Mudigi famously known as Savara has hinted that he is ready to wed his long-term partner Yvonne Endo. The couple has been dating for more than four years.

He did not say the exact time the wedding will happen, that the fans should wait for a surprise.The singer expressed gratitude to his girlfriend saying she’s stood with him during good and bad times literally describing her as an amazing lady.

“I have someone. When I do have a wedding I will send out invitations and you will know,” said Savara.

“I am thankful for her, she has really held me down. Yvonne and I have dated for so long,” he said.

“Thank you Yvonne for always believing in me and holding me down for so long. We are going far,”

Speaking about the album in an interview, the singer said, “Savage Level denotes that I’m operating on an untamed level. 

He also sarcastically warned all the single ladies that he is in a very serious relationship.

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