Lots of cool things happened at Louis Vuitton’s Cruise show on Thursday night at the Ghesquière. Lots of celebs were there, obviously, including the entire  Apatow Family. 

The designer had perfect timing for the magnificent view of the sunset at the Salk Institute in San Diego, a Brutalist biological research hub designed by Louis Kahn in partnership with Dr. Jonas Salk, the man behind the first safe and effective polio vaccine, in 1965.

However, the most viral moment to come out of the show wasn’t the stars front row, but the models on the runway — particularly the ones wearing leather belts wrapped around their bare waists. 

The peculiar styling choice caught the attention of everyone from Diet Prada to Every Outfit on Sex and the City, who compared the looks to Carrie Bradshaw.

Olympians took the runway by storm.

The musician Lous and the Yakuza led a parade of models who included fashion week vets Julia Nobis and Sasha Pivovarova and two notable newcomers to the catwalk: the track and field star Dalilah Muhammad and skier Eileen Gu, both of whom are Olympians.

Model Lauren Wasser was a metallic vision.

But the star of the runway was arguably Lauren Wasser, a double amputee who has long raised awareness about toxic shock syndrome. The model went with head-to-toe metallics with a silver coat and shorts that showcased her gold prosthetic legs.

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