It happened at the Louvre Museum in Paris where the Monalisa painting is preserved. It was painted sometime between 1503 and 1519. Louvre is the  world’s most visited Museum which has created a new database of 482,000 items at collections!

The painting presents a woman in a half-body portrait, which has as a backdrop of a distant landscape. The sense of overall harmony achieved in the painting, especially apparent in the sitter’s faint smile reflects Leonardo’s idea of the cosmic link connecting humanity and nature. Making this painting an enduring record of Leonardo’s vision! 

Videos posted on social media appear to show a young man in a wig and lipstick who had arrived in a wheelchair. The man, whose identity was unknown, Smashed the cake and left a conspicuous white creamy smear on the glass but the world’s most famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t damaged.

The painting is protected by glass so no damage was done. The man shouted at the crowd to think of planet Earth when he hurled the desert. He also threw roses in the gallery.

He screamed, “Think of the Earth. There are people who are destroying the Earth. Think about it. Artists tell you, think of the Earth. That’s why I did this.” Well, he certainly figured out a way to get his message out.

Lourve Guards quickly removed the smear from the glass. As for the vandal, he was reportedly taken away for psychiatric care.

The 16th-century Renaissance painting has been targeted before. It was stolen in 1911 by a Lourve employee, an event which increased the painting’s international fame.

In the 1950s, it was badly damaged in a sulfuric acid attack and ever since was secured behind bulletproof glass. In 2009, a Russian woman who was angry at not being able to get French citizenship threw a ceramic cup at it, smashing the cup but not harming the glass or the painting.

In its exquisite synthesis of sitter and landscape, the Mona Lisa set the standard for all future portraits!

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