Maqbul’s fame skyrocketed when he was featured in Kenya’s Makutano Junction, Auntie Boss and Vashita, Kenya’s first interlinked comedy series. 

His TV career spans about 20 years and his best experience was in the theaters where he learned and grew a lot. He says that Vashita was also one of the biggest shows that he did but how it blew up was unexpected!

“We were not looking to be funny, we were just telling stories from two individuals from different races who were trying to find a common story in dealing with things that affect them in their environs. We were just having fun.” Maqbul said in an interview.

His latest film project has been featured in Kenya’s first ever crime and legal drama, ‘Crime & Justice.’ 

In an exclusive interview at NRG Radio, Maqbul explained himself in three words that define him; Resilient, creative and Hella Fine!

Well, everyone wanted to know why NRG Radio?!

“Because I’m all about learning and there is no other place to be than here at NRG Radio where you have young people who are energetic and I feel like I have a lot to learn and to teach too.

“My experience so far has been Awesome! Am having so much fun, it’s been such a treat! Meeting the Nrg gang who are so talented, and getting to know guys who I have been longing to work with e.g King Kalala to name a few.” He said.

Maqbul promised that he is going to take it to the Next level! 

“NRG Radio is really doing fantastic things on air and on ground. Mine is to now Turn It Up to the next level! You are going to see much more exciting content on air with different features, which will be slightly bolder and more direct especially when it comes to topics of discussion.” Said Maqbul.

Maqbul is a legendary presenter who has worked with Capital FM for 12years where he worked alongside Amina Abdi Rabar to host the Breakfast984. 

When asked if he had plans of going back on air he said that he will keep it as a surprise for now. 

“Regarding whether i will go on air soon, that’s a secret so just listen!”

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