Eabl is known for hosting legendary parties and celebrations, e.g. Oktoberfest, Rugby Sevens and Tusker Project Fame(TPF). On 4th, January 2022;  KBL held an exclusive launch celebration of Tusker turning 100 years. The event was well executed by NRG Radio Events which is globally known for production of excellence and precise to detail when it comes to brand experience.

The event aimed at celebrating Tuskers existence for 100 years. Kenyan icons and celebrities made history with who was wearing what on the red carpet, considering that the theme of the event was Black and Gold. Our favorite celebrities and officials of KBL enjoyed red carpet moments in glamorous outstanding outfits that really matched the theme of the day.

Kenya’s national beer

Where did the name Tusker come from?

The company’s first beer was brewed on 15th December 1922. The company’s first annual general meeting was held in 1923. George Hurst, the company’s founder, was killed in an elephant hunting accident and in his memory, his brother Charles decided to name the first beer brewed “Tusker”.

“As we celebrate our 100 years, we are proud of our legacy and impact across East Africa. Our vast value chain is unparalleled and its socio-economic effect over the century continues to benefit millions across the region.

“These celebrations will not only take stock of our heritage, deeply etched in the tapestry of our history but will also look into what the next 100 years hold for us,” stated EABL Group Managing Director and CEO, Mrs Jane Karuku.

The event proceeded with breathtaking performances from artists e.g. The Wanavokali who really stood up with their amazing vocals that left everybody singing to their songs. It was an awesome experience seeing actors like BYSS(Because You Said So) give an amazing imagination and storytelling of the discoveries and innovations of Tusker.

‘‘It is indeed 100 years of Tuskers celebration! How many people have worked on brands that have turned 100? It’s such an honor and it’s so good that it’s a Kenyan brand that is celebrating 100 years and we are surely looking for more.”

‘‘About the Tusker Centennial Anniversary; We have planned a whole year of fun, our official anniversary is on December the 14th, and we tried to kick it off a little early because Kenyans like to enjoy themselves. Said Ann Joy Muchiri, Marketing and Innovations Director of EABL.

Tusker has always been involved in certain cultural aspects in society and what they are planning to do this year is celebrate Kenyaness, the entrepreneurial spirit and the lovely golden liquid that exists(Tusker). 

“Our outstanding personalities touch every corner of the country with this celebration as we sing a ‘happy birthday’ to this brand.”  Ann Joy Muchiri, M.D, said.

For Kenyan breweries it has been a 100 years of impacting society. KBL has employed many people, they have worked with Kenyan local farmers, suppliers, media and touched so many lives across the country.

They have also worked with environmental conservation, water, and given us a reason in the evening after a good day to have a drink, get together as friends, family and just relax.

KBL aims at impacting Kenyan culture, over 100years and not just the corporate impact but the social impact inorder to bring people together.

Connection with the Kenyan culture.

It is part of KBL heritage to impact society positively, be it entertainment as well as sports. We all remember TPF! It was such an amazing campaign way ahead of its time. Tusker has always been involved in music, be it through talent search or holding big music concerts . 

Tusker plans to look forward to looking for the next music stars! This would give talented Kenyans a platform to enjoy their musical talent. That calls for TPF to come back!

“We are going to be looking for the next talent in music. We are going to be running something amazing and big too when it comes to sports. We just celebrated our Olympics and we’ve sent our champions and welcomed them back. Sports is changing and when it comes to E-Sports we are going to do something amazing with our creatives. Said, Ann, M.D. for KBL.

For the next 100 years, Tusker promises to be Bigger, Better and More Fun. They are going to be championing Positive Drinking Messages to impact society positively. 

At the heart of Tusker’s long term impact in society; Alcohol will have a  role in social engagement. They are going to have more fun in celebrating drinking responsibly.

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