Vera Sidika prays for ex-boyfriend

Written by on October 27, 2018

Socialite Vera Sidika recently had a sweet but rather bitter moment after learning her ex-boyfriend Yommy Johnson was arrested and jailed in the United Arab Emirates.

Vera and the Nigerian man who dated in 2016 had an ugly breakup after Johnson allegedly beat her up.

Vera on social media shared that she had just been informed of his arrest but didn’t share why the man was thrown in prison.

She wasn’t really happy that it happened but neither was she sad.

“Someone called me yesterday to tell me that an ex that once wronged me got arrested last week. So karma does exits, what goes around definitely comes back around,” she posted.

“Spending nights in jail in UAE ain’t cute though. I can only imagine, may God be with him.”

Yommi revealed that he dumped Vera after she aborted his baby and discovered that she was sleeping around with other Nigerian men.

Vera in turn came out to accuse her of domestic abuse. She also deneied she aborted his child.

“My ex is obsessed with me and that is why he has not moved on. I have not aborted any child. I have an implant for five years, so I cannot get pregnant.” she said then. 

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