Rema’s World Tour

Nigerian singer Divine Ikuborv, famously known as Rema is currently touring several countries for his Album, Rave and Roses. The tour kicked off in Zambia on Friday, April 29 and it will end in London on July 8, 2022. The songs found in the album include; Calm down, Soundgasm, Divine etc

The calm-down hit banger has a much anticipated concert on May 7, 2022 at Kenya, Carnivore grounds. The US tours are said to start on August 11, in Seattle and end in Cambridge on september 3, 2022.

The singer disclosed he will thrill his fans over 25 countries of the world.


The London-produced track, Soundgasm has been on the highlights for the best tracks/music videos and fans have been reacting in different ways! Well, on 6th May 2022 at a press conference he revealed that he wrote the song on valentines day.

“Well, I wrote the song on valentine’s day and y’all know what goes down on Valentines days!.” Said Rema.

Inspiration of the song ‘Woman’

In an interview Rema had mentioned that he was single and focusing on his career right now , but to describe the song he said  that he has met different beautiful girls and if he was to choose one to marry he would marry all of them!

The lyrics of the song woman; “I’m in love with plenty women; I know I Migh’ marry all of them.”

Taking to social media,Rema alerted his fans that he is already in the country and ready to create history with his fans come Saturday.

“Kenya I’m here, we’re up this saturday and bring your friends!”

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