Ciara,Justin Bieber and Keri Hilson Tease New Albums

Written by on March 30, 2019

Can you imagine a triple-threat, or in this case, a triple-album threat from stars who have been a tad under the radar in recent years? That’s about what is underway,seeing as Keri Hilson,Ciara and Justin Bieber have given spoilers (albeit) that they have new music in the works. With the exception of CiCi who has been hard at work on cementing her comeback with a string of buzzworthy singles, Miss Keri and The Biebs have been off the scene for a ridiculous number of years,with the former not having released an album in a near decade. In an Instagram post, Keri Hilson seemed to hint at a release slated for this Summer. In the post that also commemorated a decade since the release of her debut studio album, Hilson intimated that she did not mean to be gone so long but thanked her fans for their patience,promising that the wait is over. Her departure from the music scene has relentlessly been attributed to her fallout with Beyoncè a few years ago,when the latter replaced Keri Hilson as the featured crooner on Usher’s smash hit In This Club.


Justin Bieber also took to Instagram with a lengthy post saying his decision to put a new album at bay was occasioned by his decision to attend to ‘deep-rooted issues that I have as most of us,’ announcing a comeback with a kickass album as vengeance. Sounds about exciting, no?


Meanwhile, Ciara’s new single Thinking Bout’ You wasn’t the only good(ies) news she came bearing! Just when we thought CiCi’s latest rollout could not get any better, the announcement came with an even more spectacular announcement-her 7th studio album,out May 10th!


This new record’s predecessor,Jackie,came out four years ago. The album’s cover art oozes sex appeal,with CiCi posing nude in black body paint. Its lead single, Greatest Love, an ode to her romance, premiered a month ago.

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