Comedian Obinna Goes Bonkers After Missing Tea At Popular Club

Written by on September 19, 2018

What are the odds that you’ll be served tea at a club during a night out? Okay, let’s rephrase the question, would you ask for tea during a night out at a club?

As absurd as it may sound, one of the not-so-famous Kenyan comedians did just that and proceeded to storm out of a popular joint along Mombasa Road upon the discovery that it does not sell the beverage.

You see, Oga Obinna prides himself in being a teetotaler. Word on the street is that he had just come form emceeing Mr & Miss World Kenya when he decided to pop into the club for a friend’s birthday party.

Since he does not take alcohol, he decided to request for tea. When he realized that the club doesn’t sell the beverage, he left and went to check if the nearby had any.

Obinna would soon discover that none of the clubs along Mombasa Road sell tea at night after a relentless search. He later decided to go home, presumably to make some tea for himself.

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