Coronavirus Myth Busters.

Written by on April 9, 2020

There is a lot of news going around about coronavirus some are real but most are fake news. To ensure that the news you’re getting is adequate, read the newspaper and watch the news and listen to the radio.

NRG radio ensures that we are giving you facts and not fake news during this time.

Remember to always go to a trusted source like Public Health England, the NHS or the World Health Organisation to check any stories that might come up over the next few weeks.

Here are a few myth busters about coronavirus:

We all don’t have to wear masks. Yes that’s true, walking around town with a mask on is not needed. Masks are essentially to be worn by persons with corona as well as a caretaker of a person suffering from the disease. These are, healthworkers.

It is advisable to throw away masks after using them due to the fact that they may be carrying germs that could cause corona or other diseases.

Washing your hands also has a procedure that can protect you from the virus. Ensure that you wash your hands for 20 seconds or more with SOAP. This is the only way the bacteria can be killed. Using antiseptic when soap and water is not available is also as efficient.

Corona virus can be infected to people of ALL ages; young or old. The disease is obviously more risky to old people because they have pre existing diseases that have weakened their immune system making it hard for them to fight corona once infected.

Drinking alcohol or taking marijuana will not protect you against the virus. Infact taking these products will weaken your immune system which is not advisable during this period when you need to have a strong immune system.

There is no evidence to show that coronavirus can be spread or contracted by dogs or cats. It is currently a human pandemic.

It’s not a given that anyone who contracts the virus will die. This highly depends on your health and immune system prior to contracting the disease. Think of  a very harsh flu; people with lung diseases, diabetes, cancer or asthma for example will have a hard time fighting the disease with a weak immune system.

The virus can also spread in tropical places. Being in a sunny area of standing under the sun for a long time will not prevent you from contracting the disease.

There is currently no vaccine or antibiotics to prevent or cure someone from coronavirus. The best chances are for the victim to receive good care and for their body to fight against the disease.

The only way to prevent yourself is to; Self-isolate, sanitize and wash your hands regularly. 


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