Criminally Underrated Songs That Deserved A Grammy Nod (Or Two!)

Written by on January 24, 2019

Snagging a Grammy nod is no mean feat. It goes without saying that it is the ultimate gesture of pronounced musical success. It is in the bucketlist of every crooner,rapper or songwriter to win a Grammy someday. The Grammys have,however,screwed over a myriad times on who and who doesn’t get a nod. There has been recurrent snubs brimming on the nominations list each year for years on end, might we add, some very racially charged. Here a couple of gems that caught the snubs of a lifetime:

Heaven Sent, Keyshia Cole


Easily Keyshia Cole’s biggest hit, this 2oo7 number was the 3rd and final of single from Cole’s 2nd studio album. It peaked at #28 on the Hot 100 (as ridiculous as that was!) and #1 on the Hot RnB/HipHop charts. The song’s intense Rnb twist and Keyshia Cole’s characteristic breathy,soulful vocals gave it its X-Factor. Inasmuch as it got two Grammy nods for Best RnB Song and Best Female RnB Vocal Performance,the fact that Keyshia Cole didn’t win any of the categories will forever be mind-boggling.


Post To Be,Omarion,Chris Brown,Jhene Aiko

Unless you just crawled from under the rock you live in,you know all too well that this was one of the biggest hits of 2014. It was Omarion’s biggest comeback single, other than 2006’s Icebox. That,however,pales in comparison to the direly needed cameos from Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko gave the number its oomph. Needless to mention that Aiko’s spell-binding lyric, gotta eat the booty like groceries, was one of the highlights of the catchy number. All that, and a Grammy snub still ensued.


Motivation, Kelly Rowland

This was one of Kelly’s many sex-laden songs and her last biggest smash that was the subject of yet another infamous Grammy snub. The cut off of her 2011 album,Here I Am, is as sensual as it gets. From the suggestive the lyrics that are anything but devoid of sexual innuendos to the utterly sexual video,a Grammy win was more than deserved.

Work From Home,Fifth Harmony

Who else can make a song about sex so metaphorical, so much so that you will need more than one listens to discern what it is about? Fifth Harmony is who. Their 2016 sophomore album was brimming with bops, but Work From Home’s astrological rise above the charts was unparalleled. The song’s urban feel,coupled with the each of the members’ unique voice made for one of the most iconic girl group songs ever-the biggest girl group song to be precise!



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