This is how to decorate your crush in 2018

Written by on June 1, 2018

2018 is with us- Yeiiiiii

5 tips to get your crush crushing on you this early in the year

  1. When will she/he ask you for a date? And will she/he do that? Why not just gather yourself up and just do it- start with a library read up date?
  2. Do you happen to know where he will hang out in the coming days? Well- go and hang around there, he may just notice you but of course do not try to come across as stalky
  3. In-case you don’t have his number- your BFF can help you with that. Yes- No- YES!
  4. Send him/her an occasional sweet and flirty message via SMS or WhatsApp! This way she/he will know you are up to your ears!
  5. And at midnight….kiss him/her

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