Different ways to wear the same dress.

Written by on March 20, 2020

Isn’t it stressful when you have to many events  but too little clothes? well there’s no need to break the bank and shop for new clothes for every occasion.

Here are a few tips to wear the same dress differently;

Going to work; If you’re like most of us and you prefer to dress down as you go to work then wearing a dress with flat shoes is the way to go. A dress with flat shoes makes you look chic. Pick flat shoes that contradict the dress in color in order to color block. 

Going to the mall/brunch; If you’re going out on a sunny day, it’s best to wear sandals. Sandals give you the laid back but still cute look. Pick sandals that compliment your toenails in terms of shape. Ensure that you get a pedicure too because people’s attention will be directed to your feet subconsciously.


Going Out; You could be going out for a dinner date, an event or a night out, heels are the best way to go. Heels give you a boost of confidence and make you feel sexy. Pick out comfortable heels that work well for you. They could be wedges, pointed heels or block heels, just ensure that you can easily walk and dance in them. 

Going to the movies/ night hang out; You could be going out at night but to a casual event that doesn’t require a lot of dressing up but you still want to feel sexy well, boots are your best bet. They could be ankle books, knee length boots or thigh high boots depending on the dress you have on. Pick boots that are not very distracting from your outfit as well those that you’re comfortable walking in.

Going for an activity based day; If you’re going to have a day with some activities such as walks, games or riding bikes it’s best to wear your dress with sneakers. This makes you look cute but still ready to participate in the day. You can pick sneakers, vans or rubbers depending on your style. 


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