A Juggernaut Turn Up Befalls Thika; The MVP Winners Unveiling

Written by on September 24, 2019

The new wave of our highly revered NRG Turn Ups is here,and with much more gusto. Saturday night saw us kickstart the all-new Turn Up season and in one of the most fun cities in the country-you can never go wrong with Thika! As is customary, Captain Morgan came on board to help get the party started,as the crowd kept trickling in.

There was more than a myriad things to anticipate,but perhaps the biggest being the unveiling of the winning MVPs. It was quite the culmination,after weeks on end trying to get the best out of possibly the most ridiculously talented lot yet. We came in droves,to say the very least. The outfits were funky as  hey come,and symbolic of the kind of night it was bound to be. Our deejays were hell-bent in keeping us stomping our feet to the ground as the night’s affair began. From Rudeboy’s upbeat playlist to DJ Twinizzle’s oldies but goldies,we danced and whiled the hours away with drinks towed on on hand.

Did we mention the electrifying performances by Kristoff, Bahati, KRG The Don and The Boondocks gang?Or Yvonne Darcq’s surprise appearance mid Kristoff’s performance? Wait,grapevine has it that they are an item. But we digress. Then came a rather tense few minutes. Mwalimu Rachel got on stage to announce the MVPs who were set to clinch the jobs they were in so much quest to get. Emotions could be felt at their most raw, as the names got called aloud to screams and utterly loud applause. Speaking of which,congratulations to Ayuma,Kathomi and Stephanie Aurelia for snagging the presenter positions,DJ Sankee,DJ Chally and Brito the DJ for turning the tables their way to clinch the DJ positions,and Kennar,Kog Mark and The 3 Men Army for rising above to get the positions for content creators.

Thika was wild,at the very least. Can you guess where we are headed next for the next juggernaut party?


















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