The big event, which took place at the TradeMark Hotel on June 14, 2021; was hosted by MC Jessy. He said, “When Bahati asked me to host this show, I was thrilled,” MC Jessy added. “I felt like it was my responsibility as a big brother to support Bahati.”

A list of celebrities also walked through the red carpet sophisticatedly dressed in the theme of black and gold hence making the fashion a splash. Bahati, his wife Diana, and Nadia Mukami obviously topped among the best-dressed lists, with no exception; courtesy of ‘Africanfabricanddesignske’. Their attires were accessorized with Luminous Diamonds, which made a highlight for the night.

Other celebrities such as the king of entertainment Eric Omondi, Jua Kali, Nameless, Arrow Boy, Shaffie weru, Terence, and his wife Milly Chebby looked stunning too. The one thing that was so great about their looks was that they flawlessly blended the glamour for the event.

I’ve always been such a big fan of Bahati and he is really talented musician, performer, and entertainer, the thing that I love most about him is that he is really artist-centric, and it felt like a great celebration of a fantastic year for the music industry. But that’s not all, as his new music premiered, viewers were also treated to amazing performances by Nadia Mukami and Bahati’s new song ‘Pete Yangu.’

During the launch of Bahati’s Album, Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi popularly known as the president of comedy in East Africa has settled the cold war between Ezekiel Mutua and Bahati by covering the sponsorship money that Mr. Ezekiel had claimed to have canceled. According to Bahati, the cash was for sponsorship of his music album.

The cake cutting ceremony is easily one of the most popular traditions, and perhaps the most anticipated event on any special occasion. A delicious cake was shared at the end of the event leading us to a joyous send-off great peak of music.

All the best Bahati in the debut of your new music Album!

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