Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi popularly known as the president of comedy in East Africa has gone to his socials to tease about his upcoming comedy tour of 2021! If you love to laugh, then don’t miss out on the treat of Erick’s grand comedy tour to Tanzania.

Eric will be performing at Dar el Salam, live and in person at Uhuru Stadium!

During an interview, Erick said that before Churchill acknowledged his talent at Daystar University he was once an acrobat and used to perform as a gymnastic in public social events. He also agreed on the fact that he has to appreciate the Tanzanians fans and highly compliments the countries’ president for uniting Kenyans with Tanzanians.

“Tanzania and Kenya are one nation now, courtesy of Tanzania President Samia Suluhu who came in the country and presided peace, harmony and love among the two nations, hence now we have the freedom to go to Tanzania and vice versa,” said Eric

A few months ago during the second edition of wife material, Eric casted some of the beauty queens from Tanzania e.g. Gigie money. This established a mutual working relationship. Also, Last year he executed such a grand comedy show at Dar el Salaam and fans from all over Africa were present.

Eric says that he will be the first comedian to make the history of hosting the biggest crowd in Uhuru Stadium, Dar el Salaam.

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