Written by on June 9, 2021

We were excited when NRG Radio was turning three since it was established and ever since it has been making good progress in being the leading radio station in the country. The celebration was epic with a lot of fun: but it wasn’t just about the party, it also included the announcement of the MVPs Stars who look forward to working with NRG Radio either as presenters, DJs, Social Media Managers, and Content Creators.

After landing that prized new job, they were applauded on their success and the next step was to formulate and immediately embark on the next move which was professional training that lasted for a month. It’s understandable that they would have a lot to catch up on in their new job, however, it got better after the training.

All the MVPs Stars were thrilled to hear about their new job positions. According to most of them it has been a long search to find the opportunity to work in NRG Radio, but they were excited to work in a company that has a good match for their skills and experience.

They were all looking forward to beginning working soon! When the training ended and they all settled in, new shows were assigned to them and all were given NRG Radio job badges that got them overwhelmed with joy.

Congratulations Azeezah, DJ Lizbon and Yviona on their new show NRG STARZ, which will be on Sundays from 4pm to 7pm.  I’m sure you will be at your best considering your years of experience and organizational skills.

Congratulations Atieno and DJ Colejax on their new show NRG PRE-GAME with Reedah which will be on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm. My congratulations are heartfelt and with your easy going personality its assured that you will bring mad fun on your show.

Congratulations to all MVPs on your new endeavor! I’m so thrilled that you’ll be working on something you’re passionate about.

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