NRG RADIO once again has gathered all the Radio fanatics this year in unleashing the young talents in a campaign known as NRGEtic MVPs; the campaign is seeking to offer opportunities to the very best fresh talent from the country. With the aim to empower young people in the country, the big announcement of a third edition happened later on this year and the potential people who believed that they got what it takes applied in huge numbers!

Hundreds of people lined up and participated in the following advertised positions: Presenters, DJs, Content Creators and Social Media Managers. It has been a game changing year with almost everything and the MVPS have been hosted in a spectacular and more fan way like it has never happened before. But with COVID restrictions at place, the event could not contain a big entourage so the nominees were invites only and they showcased their talents live on NRG Radio social media platforms.

NRGetic MVPs talent search has since seen the making of some of the newest Radio stars whose sensations influence greatness and role transformation. Some of the stars include; Mwalimu Rachael, Reedah Yvonne, Charlie Karumi, Stephanie Aurelia, Ibu Ikenene, Three Men Army, Sean Preezy, DJ Niche, DJ Brito, amongst many others.

It’s a race that you’ve never seen before, all the potential contestants are great and they got a lot of potential but in this year everyone stood out with incredible performances. The presenters were over confident and talented with precise content. Well they say that music is the food to the soul and the DJs played the best tracks that got judges on their feet. Content creators and social media managers were extremely powerful keeping the fun live in all the socials with amazing content.

As the stars get ready to walk away with the job, the top 5 nominees will be expected to come together to celebrate the NRG radio birthday, which aims at appreciating a new beginning, a new dawn. The most interesting part is where the presenters, DJs, content creators and the social media managers all are getting ready to know who will walk away as the winner!

We aspire to inspire the young generation to chase their dreams and not sit on their talents.

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