Don’t Argue, These 10 Ladies Are Kenya’s Most Eligible Celebrity Bachelorettes

Written by on September 19, 2018

It seems Kenyan celebrities are always getting hitched each dawning day, but there’s no cause for alarm since there’s no shortage of famous female hotties.

If you are one of those guys who’s been hoping against hopes that you’ll one day settle down with a female celebrity, your dream might just turn into reality if you are a wordsmith.

As you’ll notice, some of the beautiful lasses who are featured on this list might be dating and that qualifies them as bachelorettes.

That being said, here are some of the 10 most eligible celebrity bachelorettes in no particular order:

1. Sheila Ndinda  – This natural hair blogger is a goddess in her own right, you’d be pleased to know that she’s still on the market folks. Okay, maybe she’s dating.

2. Tanasha Oketch – NRG Radio’s Tanasha is drop dead gorgeous! I’m sure all of you, men and women alike, will agree with this. Like most celebrities, she’s kept her relationships on the low. Maybe, just maybe she’s still single.

3. Maureen Kunga – Imagine getting married to a musician, how awesome would that be though? Well, if Maureen is your cup of tea you might just get lucky.

4. Tracy Wanjiru – The sexy Teen Republik host unveiled her boyfriend a few months ago leaving many, including yours truly, heartbroken. But who is he to stop us? 😂

5. Esther Chebet – This lass who acts as Matilda on The Real Househelps of Kawangware is a true representation of beauty. I mean, look at her!

6. Elodie Zone – The popular YouTuber and NRG Radio presenter has some killer looks. Don’t even get me started on her accent!

7. Sharon Ng’anga – I’m lost for words to describe the Arena host. As you can see, she is one lady whose presence can cause a lot of stares.

8. Natalie Tewa – If someone asked me to show them what a sexy lady looks like, I point towards Natalie’s direction assuming we were in the same room. Otherwise, I’d just show them her Instagram page. Oh, she’s a Youtuber!

9. Lupita Nyong’o – If you believe you are good with words, then make a pass at Lupita the next time she’s around. But then, you’d have to put up with competition from the like of Jared Leto and K’nan.

10. Ciku Shire – The Lit 360 host is slowly making a name for herself in the industry. While Ciku is admired by her fans for her skills, her ravishing beauty does not go unnoticed.

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