Don’t be Late, Quicken your Morning routine.

Written by on March 9, 2020

For some of us, getting up on time is not the problem. We get up immediately the alarm rings, giving us enough time to get ready for work but somehow we still get late. The problem here is, THE MORNING ROUTINE!

Finding ways to quicken your morning routine and cut back on time wastage.

Plan your outfits the night before: going through your outfits in the morning can be so stressful when you’re trying to pick out what to wear. The trick is to do this at night before you sleep, you can lay out two different outfits to allow yourself to have options incase you wake up with a changed mind or mood.

Skip the full makeup routine: Minimal makeup looks makes you look more professional as well as saves you time in the morning. Save the contouring and false lashes for the weekend and just stick to basic eyebrow shaping, a neutral lip and face powder in the morning.

While we’re on the topic of make up, keep the products you use every morning in an organized way. Ensuring that everything is easily accessible to you will save so much of the time you will spend going through your cabinet and drawers.

Time yourself: Time your routine with an alarm; time your showers, your makeup and dressing time and your breakfast time. Estimate the time you will need for specific things in your morning routine and be stern on keeping time.

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