I have educated more than 30 people and they still ask for money- Akothee

Written by on October 23, 2018

Singer Akothee is either just too tired of her extended family or just always pissed at them. Not once has the singer complained about how her extended family members have let her down.

In recent post on social media, the singer shared that she has worked hard to educate some of her family members but they have never been thankful.

“The orphans you pay school fee for , will never come to you during holidays and ask if you need their help , their relatives will remind you in a very harsh message “the child you promised to pay school fee for has been sent home for the balance send the money today so the child can go back to school !he has been home for a week now 🙄 dont I have a life besides charity , why was I not informed earlier,” she said in a long post on social media. 

She went on to say that she has educated so many members but all have never bothered even to help her. According to Akothee, most of them are still broke because they lack discipline in life.

“At my age I have educated more than 30 people ! unfortunately I havent seen any of them come to my aid when I need it ! some will even ask for salary if I dare send them to do something , some misbehave and drop out of school after I spent alot of money on them , I now know how parents feel when they have a child who has to be constantly monitored ! well, if you dont change your mentality !poverty will kill you !and its accompanied by the word( yote ni virnity ) this phrase is used wrongly with lazy people and jeluse ones replacing the word of God with lazinnes to cover up their comfort zone.” she said. 


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