Emmanuel Jal drops new hit

Written by on October 17, 2018

Emmanuel Jal – the Juno nominated Musician, Actor, and Campaigner and his hugely talented sister, Nyaruach release two tracks: “Ti Chuong” and “Chaap” off their recently released 6th studio album “NAATH”.

The album is a stunning joint collaboration and a vivacious, Afrobeat infused album with Emmanuel and Nyaruach drawing strongly on the unique sounds of their country; interweaving traditional folklore and love songs – alongside infectious dance tunes.

NAATH is the ancient word for the land and language surrounding the glorious Kingdom of Kush. Carefully choosing this theme – Jal and Nyaruach’s music is often at odds with the image of war and poverty that has blighted South Sudan. Instead, both artists choose to reflect upon the resilience and rich culture of their identity through their vibrant tones and messaging.

NAATH is now available worldwide from all major digital platfroms and streaming channels and through SONGA & SKIZA for Safaricom in Kenya – through Gatwitch Records.

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