Research has shown that 75% of people lose their lives through dehydration and when you are dehydrated your fatigue levels go up. In regards to that, experts expect us to drink 11-16 glasses a day.

Water helps you keep your joints lubricated, deliver its essential nutrients to cells all over the body, keeps organs operating effectively and prevents infection.


When we sleep sometimes we can be mildly dehydrated when you wake up, so it’s crucial to drink a cup of water(warm or cold) daily after you wake up. By doing this you will get to experience an energy boost.

After drinking enough water, meditate for like 10minutes everyday. I personally used to be very skeptical about meditation, I didn’t believe in it, and neither did I get the science behind it.

Advantages of Meditation

  • Reduces Anxiety
  • It can help you improve your immune system
  • It can can help you reduce your pain/stress

Meditation sometimes can seem to be very daunting but just try and go with an open mind especially the first 10-30 n seconds may seem confusing but it gets real around 1- 20 seconds. Also try guided meditation which can help you stay on track and can really guide you through the process.

Go for a brisk walk outdoors because getting fresh air is such a big booster as the sun busks and just the view of nature which is good for health. 

Walking it’s also a good way to exercise if you rarely frequent the gym. World Health  Organization we do 75min of vigorous activity or 150 Min of moderate activity.          

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