Love is not by force and if someone doesn’t love you back then it’s better to leave that person and look for someone who will love you back. Well, It’s quite hard for men to tell whether a woman is interested or not, if she does these things it is of best interest that you move on and look for someone else.

She takes her time getting back to know- I Believe that we are all busy but I think a good rule of thumb is within 24hrs, so if she doesn’t respond within this time then she is not interested in you.

If she cancels plans repeatedly- This is like one big red flag. For example you ask her to go out for lunch on a Monday and she says that something came up; Chances are that she is not interested. 


She cannot be that busy for her not to spare some time if she really cares about you she would spare some time for both of you to bond.

She calls you her friend- She has been acting quite funny by introducing you to her friends that you are ‘just but a friend’  . Believe me you actually are not that deep according to her. She is serious and not quite serious. She has a friend zoned you.

If she tells you she is not ready- Believe her she is not ready, don’t try to win her heart  over she is serious about it.

You always have to be the one to initiate contact- If you are the one to call her every now and then or if for some reason literally she has never started a conversation, she is so not into you. The best advice is that you should go and find a woman who is into you.

When you escalate she goes vague- For example you tell her how beautiful she is, she rubbishes off. She is doing all these because she is trying to send a message that we are not that deep.

She blue ticks you- She has this habit where she blue-ticks and never bothers to reply back to you. When she is not busy, trust me she probably would pick her phone and scroll down. So, she is literally ignoring and not giving a you chance.



Body language- Observe her body language because it communicates a lot. For example, when you are talking to her and she is not paying attention, she tends to pull away from you. When talking to her and she is not interested, when you are trying to come too close to her she tilts her body away from you, she yawns when you are talking. These are red flags that she is not interested in you.

So she is either bored by you because you  are a boring person or literally she doesn’t want to be with you and she is avoiding deep connections. Stop wasting time bro and move away.


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