James Wanjohi Tournament Sphere heads Nurturing young Talents.

Written by on November 29, 2021

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James Wanjohi grabbed the attention of the masses yesterday at Kahawa West on Sunday 2021 in Roysambu constituency. His main de facto was to officially announce that he is running for the seat of MP in Roysambu constituency come 2022.

Wanjohi urged that he wants to serve his position as a Servant leader but not as a politician. His hustler notion captured the hearts of youths and adults. He says that he relates with the community because he also faced a lot of hardships when he was growing up.

The event was all about nurturing young talent, in partnership with Mr. Seed, and both assured the youth that they will sponsor the Top 3 talents and give them a platform to; record their audio for free, help them shoot their music videos and freely market their music.

He urged residents of Kahawa West that his main agenda would help motivate millions of youths stuck in their homes jobless during these challenging times.

Wanjohi promised to give back to the community and says that he has strategically crafted his developments in Roysambu. To begin with, He expressed his ongoing response plan to the TRM Drive road and says that it is already under construction following complaints from the residents for a couple of years now.

He also promised that he will do a great job of bringing Kenyan Youths who have been challenged financially especially after finishing their O Levels by sponsoring their college expenses. 

Wanjohi urges that his main approach is to put the needs of youths out there and to make sure that they are proactively taken into consideration. He also highlighted that his team led by Musyoka, the leader of Kahawa West Association has done an excellent job in partnership with Mr. Seed in helping nurture the upcoming talented artists who lack resources to finance their music production.

One of his genius moves includes sponsoring all the 51 football play groups in Roysambu, by going over the board to buy them 47 footballs and jerseys.

One lucky talented artist with his song title ‘Githurai city, Kahawa city’ was immediately sponsored by Wanjohi for his music production which was to kick off immediately.

Further developments would be; instilling trust and optimism in youth employment and finally he would call to action for the government to vacate the acres of lands that Kamiti prison occupies and allow people to benefit from their land. This plan will aim to build and solidify Roysambu as a brand and economically boost its revenues and benefits in terms of the money that it generates.

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