Let’s Finish October in Style!

Written by on October 29, 2021

Pay-day is here! Have you received your salary yet? What are you doing to treat yourself? Now that the Curfew has been lifted, there are so many ways you can catch up with your friends. One event that has caught people’s attention is #TuskerOktobaFest2021 which was set to happen in 30 different locations during the month of October

Courtesy of Tusker

What #TuskerOktobaFest2021 event have you attended? This month Tusker has done over 20 events in different locations. We have been able to feature unique performances from artists such as Nameless, Wahu, Nviiri, Kahush, Meja, Xeniamanase, Khaligraph, Chris Kaiga, Bensoul, Muto Mutoriah, Mejja, Wakadinali. We have also been able to see upcoming artists take stage e.g. Ayrosh, Hush-BK, Susumila, Chepkosgey, Lemarti, The Northan Itch, Iyanii. 

Let’s touch base on what happens at these events. For the first time in a long time, Tusker aims to bring all beers to you. The brand aims to sample all beers under the brand. It’s like walking into a candy shop, where your experience is out of this world. This is an event where your beer finds you.

Due to the favorable weather and the curfew being lifted, we have experienced artists to full potential. You not only have your favorite beer but also see your favorite artists. You get a chance to spend and interact with your favorite personality.

Are you ready to meet this weekend’s artists that is Miggy Champion, Brizzy Annechild, Adasa, Kaa La Moto, Steph Kapela, Yozowo Band, Wanavokali, Rass B, Idd Aziz, Awicko, Gabiro mtu Necessary, King Kaka, Nadia Mukami and Faith Stan?

Through this article you are able to know where the parties will be held this weekend. Be aware that the Festival will happen in Nairobi, Kisii, Kisumu, Mombasa and Kakamega. For more information visit Tusker pages. A great Nyama Choma and beer afternoon wouldn’t hurt, would it?

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