Today we are launching #ReelAdventures, an engaging lifestyle campaign that aims to raise awareness and educate people on how to leverage Facebook and Instagram Reels during their travel experiences across Kenya. The campaign features 3 adventure and travel focused community groups active on Facebook and Instagram to showcase how Kenyans are using Reels to express and share their travel experience across Kenya. 

Since the rollout of Instagram and Facebook Reels, the feature has become popular with people who use it for connecting with their friends, families, and communities. Influencers and content creators are also increasingly using the Reels to reach and engage their intended audiences. As a result, Reels have become a point of discovery and a powerful motivator for choosing travel destinations.

#ReelAdventures will showcase Let’s Drift KEBundu Rovers  and Baiskeli Adventures, local  groups that promote travel and adventure in Kenya. Through their itineraries and custom-made travel plans, they inspire members to participate in fun activities around hiking, trekking, cycling and off road 4×4 adventure drives. Using Facebook and Instagram Reels, they are able to share with their followers and communities the amazing locations and outdoor activities they participate in. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, engagement on  social media has seen these groups gain new followers and adventure seekers as Kenyans look for alternative ways to exercise, travel and spend time with friends and family.  

Commenting on the campaign, Meta’s Communications Manager, Eastern Africa Janet Kemboi said, “We have found that a new form of tourism has emerged with people unearthing hidden travel destinations on social media. A majority of Facebook and  instagram users rely on images and videos they see on social media to inform their travel decisions. The #ReelAdventures campaign aims to showcase how groups and communities on Facebook and Instagram are using Reels as a powerful tool to support local tourism by drawing people’s attention to travel and adventure activities in Kenya.”

Meta technologies have always been about connecting people, creating value, and helping people discover new ideas and experiences. Short-form video is an increasing part of how people consume content and Reels has become Meta’s fastest-growing content format.

We have attached an infographic that highlights interesting insights into how Kenyans use Reels when posting content about their travel and adventure on Facebook and Instagram.

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