Music Review: Rooted-Ciara

Written by on August 19, 2020

It is common knowledge that superstar Ciara exists in a parallel universe. If it is not her high-octane dance moves,it has to do with her ability to execute insane choreography-a lot of which is gravely paranormal!


This new record is a collaboration with star-rated songwriter Esther Dean (she is the brains behind most of Rihanna’s biggest hits!). Rooted sees Ciara croon about the beauty of being black,having black attributes and hailing from the ‘A’ (Atlanta). Think everything akin to the themes in Beyonce’s. ‘Black is King,’ which probably explains the relentless comparisons.

True to paranormal abilities,she revealed she shot the video just 2 days prior to giving birth. Yup,leave it to CiCi to pull of those kind moves when heavily expectant!

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