Your Man’s Disdained Approach To Valentine’s Explained

Written by on February 18, 2020

While the ladies revere it and wait for it with bated breath,Valentine’s sets a not-so-pleasant mood
for their male counterparts. Men gravely dread this famous-cum-infamous day owing to the fact that
it brings forth impractical expectations. Now that the day is done and dusted until next year,here is an explainer to keep the ladies abreast on why the men in their lives were not too cooperative last Saturday.

A Burden on Finances
Predictably,Valentine’s presents an enormous financial strain on men. Customarily,the ladies already
expect that the men in their lives go to the extremes of spoiling them to filth on this once-in-a-year
occasion. They keep their fingers crossed in grave anticipation,hoping that their significant others
will be instrumental in helping them tick a few things off their long bucketlist. They are expectant of
expensive dates at the most high-end joints,Valentine’s outfits that will highly likely cost a fortune
and an overload of gifts ranging from the latest jewelry to the funkiest wigs,or how else will they put
on airs in the presence of their friends. Should the aforementioned not happen,all hell is bound to
break loose. Let us not even get started with the insurmountable pressure social media mounts that
will leave said ladies feeling that the men in their lives are nothing to write home about.


Seeing as a lot of men have a string of mistresses, it is only but a natural progression that they will
not be very fond of Valentine’s. Tales are told of some men bumping into their mistresses at date
nights while with other mistresses and brawls ensue. Seeing a lot of mistresses could also impose a
huge expenditure on the man. If it is already a burden with one lady, it is only even worse when they
are several of them.


It is a no-brainer that ladies are no stranger with trying to outshine each other. This hits run-away
levels on Valentine’s day. Your lady will obviously not be too appreciative of your barely-there
efforts to try and please her,much less if her friends will be all up in her radar trying to make her feel
that she is missing out on a lot. The pressure will trickle down on you,and who wants to feel like less
of a man for not giving her the day of her dreams?

Commitment (Or Lack Thereof)
Going all out on Valentine’s would send the impression that you are highly likely trying to get
committed. If commitment is not something you are hell-bent in partaking, then Valentine’s will no
way be one of your favorite days. Men will look for the most unlikely and bizarre of reasons to not
part of the intrigues of the day,all in their quest to not send the wrong impression?

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