Bombshells,Fiery Performances..The Works! The Monster Of A Party That Was NRG Turn Up Thika!

Written by on April 7, 2019

The maiden of the 2019 NRG turn-ups lived up to its hype. Thika is never a bad idea,if past soirees are anything to go by,so it was a no-brainer that the first of our annual turn ups set the bar so impeccably high! The Club Blend ambience is in every ounce the kind that will induce you into the party spirit, and this will dawn on you just a few minutes after checking in. And with Captain Morgan to boot,you are assured of a fun-filled night.

Mwalimu Rachel obviously knows a thing or two about pulling a crowd,and that she did! She pulled off her co-hosting duties effortlessly, assisting the AM Show crew of Ibu, Dj Niche and Ibu and Reedah who were the MCs of the night. Count on her to get the crowd in utter suspense about a supposed transition to a new frequency and a possible name change, to their oblivion. Yes,she dropped the bombshell! We are now on 97.1 (switch on your stereo,already!) Are we about to be Virgin too? Guess that aloud for us! How did they keep all this under wraps,we can almost hear you ask. Hold your breath as there is an even more profound unveiling! Did you not catch wind that we are preggers?

Enough of the bombshells;the electrifying performances were the other huge highlight of the night. Darya Kish had promised an eyeful and boy,did she deliver! The vocals,the performance regalia,the moves..she left nothing to chance! Timmy T.Dat may not have lost his top this time,but did little to stop him from putting on quite a show! As is characteristic of his performances,a little risque dancing by the ladies from the crowd wouldn’t hurt. They came,and caused quite a spectacle! Then there was the mellow crooner that is Arrow Boy with all his spell-binding serenading power. Little wonder his music is a hit with the ladies! Add Floodout Gang and Ochungulo Family to the lineup and your night couldn’t get any more dreamy! Then came Willy Paul. There was no better one to close out the performances. Decked in all-white,next thing we knew was an almost seamless medley of his hits.

If this doesn’t make you feel that the next Turn Up should be in your bucket list,we don’t know what would! Nairobi is the next stop. We need a two-week breather to recover so we are in our element when April 18 comes around! Until then,we have twins to deliver!

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