Create your own Drinking Traditions with Tusker Lite!

Written by on April 22, 2021

I thought drinking was just about going to a bar and getting a drink, but I was surprised at how complex the process can be; depending on where you originate from. My friends and I have very fascinating traditions that dictate our social drinking norms, and ignorance of these traditions might have its own consequences.

Tusker Lite is such an iconic beer for us because of its crispy taste especially taken when it’s over ice. I have put together a list of some of the traditions that we widely follow:

  • The drinking circle.

After such a hectic weekend my friends and I fancy chilling in my backyard grilling some ‘Nyama Choma’ and sipping some Tusker Lite over ice. The drink must go in a circular manner according to the seating arrangement and after you pour your drink you pass it over to the next person.

You must leave a bit of a drink in the glass used to rinse off the glass of beer and then pour it out on the ground to clean the glass for the next person. This custom has its roots in indigenous Africa whereby according to the culture people pay homage to mother nature.

  • The Shotski.

Often we play Shotski in occasions like the birthdays, graduations or any other important celebrations. This is one my favorite whereby you are supposed to pour a glass of Tusker Lite inside a glass and for the first bottle you have to cheers to your friends and drink all of it.

  • Black night.

The game decrees that always use one hand when serving or receiving your frosty Tusker Lite. The following are the custom rules: The oldest among your friends is expected to drink first and whenever you are drinking the beer, never pour your own drink. Then you should turn slightly from others while taking the drink.

You should never refuse a drink offer. If you can’t drink anymore, you can enlist someone to take your drink for you. In return, you owe the person a you enlist a ‘black knight’ for men or a ‘black rose’ for women. That is their wish becomes your command.

  • The drinking songs

The drinking songs are offered when making toasts. One of the most popular song must be sang and it must be a different song in every toast that you make.

  • The toast master.

The feast is presided over by the toast master. He/she sets the tone of the party and leads it structurally and in good order depending on the occasion.  Enjoy your Tusker Lite with some of these drinking traditions to make the party lively!


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