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Written by on March 31, 2021

Baileys is one of the most famous and most delicious drinks to come out of Ireland, and it is a delectable drink that is enjoyed worldwide. Since its debut, Baileys has spawned and developed dozens of new flavors;

Baileys Original Irish Cream.

What is the perfect way to dive into the evenings than to get yourself a Baileys Irish Cream that dawns a fresh start to appreciate and enjoy good times? The Irish cream liqueur is flavored with the perfect blend of the finest spirits and aged Irish whiskey that leaves you with nothing but sweetness.

Baileys Strawberry & Cream.

Baileys Strawberry & cream is one of my fave! The drink is blended with incredible flavors of ripe strawberry and vanilla, intermixing with Baileys Original Irish Cream and other ingredients and flavors.

Baileys Salted Caramel

It’s a luscious delightful liqueur with natural flavors made of caramel with smooth Baileys Original Irish Cream, a pinch of salt and other flavors and ingredients. So if you have a dinner party coming up, you can make them a dessert, or simply pour over ice, relax and enjoy.


When you take your first sip, you will swift away from the frenzy lovely taste of chocolate cake, the strong flavor of cream cheese frosting, and the deep, dark satisfaction of cocoa. What amazes me is the creamy scarlet beverage which almost resembles a thick strawberry shake which you can enjoy it over ice or as a shot.

Did you know that using Baileys Red Velvet during baking will help you and your friends turn manic, erratic negative energy into something constructive and also enjoy fun moments with your loved.


If I’m going to a party where am meeting friends to have a small talk and discuss the stuff of life, Baileys Apple Pie is the perfect treat to enjoy over ice for its classic flavor.

Is there anything better than walking into a home that smells like freshly baked Apple Pie? Gather your friends around take that chance to showcase your baking prowess and enjoy the taste of freshly baked Apple Pie blended with Irish diary cream.


The drink comes in a striking white bottle consisting of combined cream from Ireland with rich cocoa and vanilla flavors of Baileys which you can enjoy the deliciousness of Baileys Light with less calories and less sugar.

When you are out at brunch or relaxing at home with friends, Baileys Deliciously Light is the perfect drink to enjoy it over ice.


It’s one of the World’s best delicious blend of quality whiskey, smooth Irish cream, a versatile blend of vanilla and cinnamon for a rich, sweet taste. On the special days of thanksgiving it will be a suitable treat when you enjoy it in a perfect coffee, over ice cream or in a cocktail.


If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you’re seriously going to fall in love with Baileys Chocolate Cherry due to its luscious black cherry aromas and bold taste of dark chocolate. When chilling out with your loved ones try it out over ice cream and decadent dessert for an absolutely sweet smooth taste.


How do you like your Summer season? I like sipping some Baileys Colada over ice when chilling with my friends, it allows us to relax and enjoy every precious minute of our summertime.

One of the most thoughtful approach is for you to experience the irresistible sweetness of Baileys Colada which is a blend of our Irish Cream with the flavors of creamy coconut & sweet, juicy pineapple that creates a smooth & creamy drink.

Its best enjoyed over ice or blended with ice for a refreshing summertime cocktail. Baileys Colada is the best way to vacation!

While the holidays may look a little different this year, it’s the perfect time to treasure and enjoy each moment with close friends and family. Remember to explore and enjoy the various Baileys Flavors!

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