How To Drink Responsibly At Parties And Still Have Fun…

Written by on March 16, 2021

Nobody wants to be the drunk one at the party whereby everyone has to take care of you and stop having fun to ensure that you’re safe. In short, nobody wants to be a party pooper and I will give you tricks on ensuring you’re nothing but a great time at all the parties.


Enjoy a good meal before you start partaking in alcohol. With a full stomach, you’re able to drink for a longer period without getting drunk. However, be sure not to over eat because that means you will spend a lot of money on buying alcohol to get you even slightly tipsy.

Set your limits

By the time you’re legally allowed to drink, you should know your tolerance levels. Know what your limits are and stick to them. Don’t over drink or surpass your limits. Sometimes, your limits are set by your pockets; drink only what you can afford to part with.

Drink slow and hydrate

Pace yourself… don’t drink too fast to avoid getting intoxicated before the party even begins. Drink in moderation and hydrate in between drinks. Water will help you stay sober and enjoy yourself more when you’re not under the influence.

Matters of ‘shots’

Any good party always leads to taking shots. This is when most people are hyper, running on dopamine and want to increase that feeling. If you do end up taking shots, take shots of the same thing you’re drinking. If you’re taking beers or wine then take moderate shots of the drink of choice. Mixing of drinks is the number one cause of black outs and throwing up.

Cocktails beware

Cocktails are the trickiest things to sip on. Most people don’t ask what’s in the drink and often select drinks according to the presentation. The flashier it looks, the more people gravitate towards it. Always ask what the cocktail contains so that you can know if it’s something you can handle. Stick to the same kind of cocktails and of cos hydrate in between drinks because of the high sugar levels in most cocktails.

Be active

Ensure that you’re active at the party. Keeping your brain engaged will help you not get too drunk as well keeping your mind from wandering off if you just sit and drink. Talk to someone, play games or dance so that you can sweat it out and stay engaged.

Resist and say no

Learn to say no to peer pressure. If you feel you have had enough or you don’t want to take shots; just say no. Don’t allow people to influence you to take part in anything you don’t want to. If you follow all the tricks mentioned above, it will be easier to resist on a sober mind.

Remember to drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.

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