LG FIFA Fan Fest Season Two

Written by on October 19, 2021

Tuesday, October 19th 2021

LG FIFA Fan Fest is an annual FIFA league hosted by Pro Series Gaming. This year’s second season, registration for Pool 1 of the tournament started on the 7th of October and ran till the 15th of October. Registration was seamless and all 64 slots got filled almost immediately.
Pool 1 matches began on October 16th at 6pm. The players got pooled randomly for 1V1 matches which were two-leg matches – Home and Away. The matches ended at 9pm, with 32 players proceeding to the Second Round of Pool 1. This weekend on the 23rd of October, round two begins.

There will be two more rounds before heading on to Pool 2, which begins on the 6th of November. Each round half of the players will be eliminated, having the final 8 head on to play in the Champions eCup against the final 8 of Pool 2, which will run on the same mechanics as Pool 1. The Champions eCup will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel, Pro Series Gaming.

Lastly we would like to thank our sponsors, Grandslam by Safaricom, Dell Intel, Sortika, and LG. We would also like to thank Red Bull for keeping our players hydrated throughout the tournament. Sortika were generous enough to provide investment opportunities to the winners, as opposed to cash prizes. 

The winnings will be as follows:

Each pool’s winners will receive:

1 Place – Ksh 10,000 investment account via Sortika App

2nd Place – Ksh 5,000 investment account via Sortika App 

3rd Place – Ksh 3,000 investment account via Sortika App

The Championship eCup winners will receive:

1st Place – Ksh 30,000 investment account via Sortika App 

2nd Place – Ksh 20,000 investment account via Sortika App

3rd Place – Ksh 10,000 investment account via Sortika App

4th Place – Ksh. 5,000 investment account via Sortika App.

On top of the investment opportunities, LG will be giving out Bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds, soundbars and gaming TVs.

LG continues to work with industry-leading companies to ensure you get the latest possible gaming experience. LG partnered with NVIDIA and AMD to make LG OLED, the only G-Synch and AMD FreeSync Premium Certified TV to unleash the full potential of Next-gen gaming. Combine all this with the stunning picture quality and ultra-fast response times of OLED and you are guaranteed to get the most of gaming every time you play.

Pro Series Gaming is the number one leading eSports brand in Africa. Follow Pro Series Gaming on Facebook and Instagram @proseriesgaming, on Twitter @ProSeriesGame and subscribe to our YouTube channel, Pro Series Gaming.

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