Written by on June 23, 2022

On Jun 22, 2022 MRM (Mabati Rolling Mills) launched a Tiles campaign that was an internal occasion with the seniors, employees and few media stations(NRG Radio, Standard media). Well, when it comes to construction the consumer always has vast options and versatile choices of building materials.

Social media too has taken advantage of offering so many choices and therefore it becomes so hard for the consumer to differentiate what their preferences are. When it comes to solutions of roofing,  MRM has launched the Tiles Profile campaign to create awareness of the quality tiles products that we offer.

Tiles profile is a lifestyle because it really defines some of the elegant roofing lifestyle that is available in the roofing industry here in Kenya. MRM Tiles has really upgraded from the past years from the normal profiles.

The current tiles profile comes in four types which have distinct specialists that enable them to stand out. They include:
  1. Versatile
  2. Orientile
  3. Zentile
  4. Elegantile

Versatile is Kenya’s longest running painted steel tile. It has a legacy on a Versatile Roof to provide unmatched beauty, durability and cost efficiency. It is a premium steel tile roofing sheet with the look of a classic roof tile but with a much longer life span.

Orientile is an aesthetically pleasing profile that gives the look of an exotic tile finish. Available in all colors, both gloss and textured finish. 

Zentile is a steel tile roofing sheet from MRM that gives you a durable and water resistant surface while offering you a good-looking contemporary appearance. Available in both gloss and textured finish.

Elegantile is an aesthetically pleasing profile that is sophisticated and durable. The shape is smooth with clean lines giving it a very chic finish. Its Mediterranean heritage allows for a good fit in this tropical climate. Available in both gloss and textured finish.

To conclude, the CEO of MRM, Manish had closed the launch with his speech.

‘The first tile profile has been in the market since 2009. So, as MRM we wanted to launch the campaign inorder to re-energize our product. To create excitement to the product, our aim too focuses on  the young generation by connecting them with our product. We would like the youth to consider us as the first choice when they reach that age of owning a house.” Said Manish Mehra, The new Chief Executive(CEO).

Not only has MRM unleashed the energizing tiles profile campaign it has also accommodated the young people by giving them vast experience with every product. In Regards to the tiles quality, color and affordability. 

If you want to own a house in future,MRM should be your first choice when it comes to building solutions. 

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