NADRENALINE: The Nadra Experience

Written by on June 1, 2021

Well ladies and gents it all started as with a hectic trip full of traffic on the streets of Nairobi but thank the stars I made it in time. The NADRENALINE launch which took place last weekend was a soiree like none other. With a beautiful crowd, engagement and superb sound, the mini concert that took place at the social house Lavington was quite the experience. Now let’s get into the lineup and the music in the album. I honestly love Nadra’s articulate diversity genres ranging from Gengeton, Mugithi to Lingala. There is surely something for everyone. But enough about me and what I like. ENJOY!

Entanglement a sensation derived from jade’s entanglement a song definitely for loves who like to stay home and catch a vibe. Between a catchy chorus and Nadra’s outstanding vocals, this is indeed a soulful number.
Bella Nadra explains that the song came to him a goodbye song for lovers. As the young superstar leaves, he encouraged his girl to keep a strong spirit for him for he will be back. Nadra being a soulful vocalist with a smooth voice that reminds me of a young Ralph
Pumzika which means rest in Swahili is sensual and intimate what we’d call grown folk’s music. Nadra features kenana Mwasi on the song bringing a beautiful duality.
He doesn’t forget his roots; he features a kikuyu namely Kahora which is basically a warning saying in the language the song is a feel good and is definitely a favorite for the mugithi lovers as he features his fellow signees Konkodi and Boneye.
Chocolata upbeat and fluid it a song that forces you to get on the floor and let loose it describes the melanin beauty and how the African girl loves to get down honey and sweet water sisters Nadra embraces the African woman.
Booty a song for the current age of music in Kenya. The song is delectable and maybe the best in the album as a feature song and single, it’s definitely a must hear. He also features konkodi, Boneye and gengeton sensation Zzero.

Indeed, it was an amazing night and I do believe Nadra has a very bright future ahead. Please do go listen, for the album is available on all steaming platforms. Catch a vibe!

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