Steam Room At The Curve By The Park.

Written by on March 26, 2021

The Curve By The Park. A fabulously stylish aparthotel that gives you all the comfort of a home, but the service of a top-grade hotel. Swanky, right? My experience there was a delight.

The staff are friendly, the food was great, the views were amazing, and we did not run short of very instagrammable locations to take cute, trendy pics!

One experience that I really enjoyed was the steam room. This facility is suited on the ground floor, just off the reception desk, and it’s available to all the guests of the hotel, between 8AM-7PM.

It’s not just a walk-in though, you have to call the front desk and have them set it up for you in advance – turn it on, time it, and add the eucalyptus essential oil.

We decided to have this experience in the morning, just before breakfast. We called the reception, and in 10mins, we were heading down to the lobby. Carol, the lovely guest assistant, showed us into the locker room where we changed into the towels provided and got into the steam room.

The steam room itself is made of white marble tiles that give it such an airy feeling. It has a white marble bench that encloses the whole room, and the steaming vents are built into the wall, an inch from the floor. The floor gets a bit slippery because of the steam so you have to be very careful.

Steaming is actually quite good; it opens up your pores and we wanted to get the full benefits so we stayed in there for approximately 30mins, and when I tell you it left us feeling refreshed and relaxed…Quite the experience!

There are showers just outside in the locker room, so if you feel like having a quick bath before heading back to your room, you can do that.

After a shower and a delicious breakfast spread at the curve by the park restaurant, we were ready to take on the rest of the week feeling well reinvigorated.

Book your stay at the curve by the park and enjoy a relaxing and beneficial time in the steam room.

Written by Angie.W

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