Written by on April 27, 2021

As you all know this past week we’ve been out and about trying to find the newest and freshest faces and personalities to join our vast family and you bet, we did find them. You are probably one of them our dearest fan. I know you are wondering how that went but fear not am here to give you all the tea so lets go ahead and spill it. Welcome to the tea party.

miss Stacy Anyango doing her thing

The event kicked of with invites and the responses were mad epic. The show down was beyond imagination and so was the amount of talent that flooded our hallow halls. Its really amazing, the raw talent out there, but we had to pull the plug and narrow down to the call backs. Just as a famer sorting out his harvest, our team of capable judges sat down and in a tension so thick to cut through with a knife, narrowed down to the flock of golden geese.

our esteemed judges

In an event that lasted up to three week of restless searching, we finally have the elite crew to join the holy Grail of radio and boy do they have grand NGR’S. Don’t worry your will meet them. The unveiling happens on the 28th of April 2021 at the NRG birthday party. Did we meet our expectations? Yes! And since you entrusted us with your entertainment, we are bringing you the best, roughest and the toughest in the game from DJs, presenters and content creators. We mind your NRG!

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