The weekend is here and this is how I like to kick it off; by opting for a night out and sipping on glasses of a frosty smooth lite beer with my loved ones.

With Tusker Lite, It’s the low carbs for me and of course I prefer it over ice and the best light beer compared to your ordinary beer.

Once I hit the gym and it gets so exhausting, a glass of Tusker Lite over ice creates a refreshing sensation in me bearing in mind that it’s less in calorie content.

So, when having some good fun with your pals, you will not have to worry no more, nor, feel guilty about ruining your diet or your healthy goals.

A sip of Tusker Lite spackles sensations that triggers a high and a wonderful feeling in me especially when am having my friends come over for a beach party. It’s not a party without Tusker Lite! I like its flavor too!

If you are having your close friends coming over, plug into a nice playlist then I propose you go for homemade foods; such as grills which quickly form the best match with light beers.

In my backyard, especially on the weekends I fancy preparing racks that have those appetizing smoky flavors such as nyama choma, Tusker Lite is a refreshment and keeps the beer buzz alive.

Make sure you have two or more of these healthy foods on the plate when sipping some Tusker Lite;

Nyama Choma

Kenyan Nyama Choma is considered to be the national dish, therefore, any gathering is an excuse for eating nyama choma, Swahili for “roast meat.”

My favorite is roast chicken/goat meat accompanied by common side dishes that consists of chips, kachumbari salad. Normally aided by an ice cold Tusker lite.

French Fries/ Drum Sticks

French fries are one of my faves! They amazingly have the unique ability to bounce between beers by allowing tangy, sweet and tender chicken bites that acts as an appetizer.

Fun Fact.

  • If you drink on an empty stomach, you’re setting yourself up for a blood sugar rollercoaster and high risks for getting drunk quickly and getting a hangover.
  • Food builds up a thick lining in your stomach and Tusker Lite prevents you from getting a serious hangover.

When it comes to balancing the booze with an overall healthy lifestyle always strive to have some good time by having some Tusker Lite over ice and remember to eat healthy and stay hydrated.

Not recommended for persons under 18!

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