Falling In Love: The 5 Stages You’ll Go Through

Written by on October 24, 2018

Love is a confusing thing, but it’s something that actually has potential to grow from the first date. Read on to learn about all stages of falling in love.

Love is a confusing thing. For many people love is scary, difficult, and it just hits you without you even realizing.

That means it also can come as a surprise when it hits your partner and they say those 3 magical words without you even knowing that was coming your way.

Step 1:

You must be willing to fall in love, and you must meet another person who is willing to fall in love.

Step 2:

Meet a person who attracts your attention. And, again, because this is a two-way road, you need to attract the other person’s attention as well.

Step 3:

Each person needs signs of interest from the other when expressing opinions.

Step 4:

Each person will take the time apart from the other so that he/she can begin to daydream and fantasize about the other person and the budding relationship. This is the step where love begins to bud.

Step 5:

After a bit of time apart, all that’s needed is another apparent sign of interest from your S.O. to make those budding feelings of love deepen.

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