Harlow Wore a Crown-like Massive Head Piece of Feathers and Gemstones

Written by on May 4, 2022

Harlow arrived in a monochrome Iris van Herpen minidress reminiscent of a flower. “White Swan,” She also touched on the theme of the night, which was ‘gilded glamour’, and explained what the phrase meant to her.

‘Dipped in glamour. Making sure that everything is up to the T, and I think that’s just what the Met is in general,’ she explained.

The Avant-Garde dress featured a circular silhouette painted with intricate, vine-like designs and embellished with spiny accents emerging from the hem and bodice. Each branch-like tendril featured a pointed black cap on the end reminiscent of a porcupine quill. 

She styled the futuristic dress with Wempe diamond jewelry, white slingback heels, and bold mascara.

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