Written by on June 14, 2022

What am I looking for in a leader when I go voting this August 9th? Is it how popular they’re, how long they’ve been in politics, their ability to work and lead well or because my friends are voting for them?

Honestly in my adult life I have never voted, before you go judging, hear me out first. How many times have you voted and later on cases of ridging votes come out? This is just me not everyone else has the same opinion as me. So I went around my office asking my colleagues if they will vote and this is what they had to say.

“I will not vote because ‘they’ already know who is winning, it’s all a show!”

I will not mention anyone’s name as promised so King Kalala don’t worry they don’t know what your opinion is.

“Vote? No! not until they mend the roads and what’s wrong with our town it is so full of buses and  that’s after saying they are opening a bus park just before you get into town, and don’t get me started on how our politicians and policemen are corrupt!”

Not all leaders are the same truth be told, some are true to their word and not all policemen are corrupt.

“This is my democratic right and I want to vote in a certain person because I believe they are capable of leading us well.”

“Politics is such a bore, nothing changes, same people are vying yet they have pending cases in court, and when I think of the waking up in the morning to make a queue for these politicians to steal from us, I am demotivated.

Peace is more is what I am advocating for during this elections. Don’t let anyone mislead you into colliding with your neighbor. You matter, your family matters and so does everyone else. Vote wisely!

Even though my own opinion doesn’t change anything. Do vote! It is your democratic right.

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