All Hail Ogopa DJs And Calif Records;Kenya’s Premier Record Labels

Written by on April 8, 2020

Ogopa DJs and Calif Records are easily Kenya’s premier record labels. Both came into inception at a time when the Kenyan music scene was in its infancy and made undeniable impact that is still felt today,long after both labels ran their course.

Their label ‘wars’ came in handy in putting both under the spotlight. With the Calif stable being home to Genge and Ogopa pioneering the Kapuka sound,it was customary to go back and forth on who was really doing it and who really was not.
Ogopa birthed Amani,Nameless, Redsan,Kleptomaniax and many other historic acts. On their end, Calif’s Genge heads like Jua Cali,Nonini,Pilipili and Jimw@t came,saw and conquered. While Ogopa DJs was famed for both quality audio and video,Calif audio production was also top-notch.
Both labels have since been in obscurity.
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